Home is our constant. An emotional foundation of life where we retreat, laugh, welcome, nurture and ultimately live most of our true moments

At Josephine Home, we focus on your home’s ‘unsung heroes’: simple, yet essential home accessories, from bed & bath linen to throws and other accents which together make up the most inviting ‘bedscape' TM or simply an irresistible bath time. 

So, what really makes us different from all other bed linen & homeware brands?

1. Our philosophy

Our relentless obsession with the experience and feel of our products is not only what sets us apart (see Heritage to find out more), it is the essence of each product, united with their lighter impact on our planet.

Everything is made for you and constantly tweaked and adjusted with your feedback. We want every one of our customers to instantly feel the difference between our products and any others. But the touch & feel is only the beginning of your journey with us. We also care about the longevity and sustainability of all our products, so they work hard for you at the lightest cost to the environment.  Doing good should feel great.

We don’t just want you to invest in our products. We want you to love them.

This is really what makes it all worthwhile for us. We want each product, from the most modest face towel to the most extravagant bespoke cashmere throw to give you that sense of warmth, welcome and reassurance of "home". But we also want you to feel that you have made the right choice every time you get into bed or step out of the shower, knowing your reward is treading lightly on our planet. True luxury was always meant to last.

2. Our style & quality

True chic is always simple, no matter how much work and effort has gone into it. Our products’ famous understatement is about relaxed elegance & a sense of balance.

Designed to blend effortlessly together, all our products allow you the freedom to create your own ideal space. Modern luxury is a private whisper.

Timeless style, skilled craftsmanship, unique creative flair & of course the finest materials set us apart. Our products - brought to life in your home - is what defines us.

3. Our credentials

Thousands have slept on our linen, as we have been chosen by the most demanding hoteliers and designers for their most exacting clients, all over the world.

From Soho House to the Mandarin Oriental, from exclusive private estates to well-appointed homes, we have been trusted to deliver the very best.

To ensure that we only deliver the best, our linen is rigorously tested by independent laundry engineers, giving us and our customers total peace of mind. Quality issues have never kept us awake! Our returns are non-existent.

So, bring us home and wake up to a new dawn.  

Please stay in touch and drop us a note with your thoughts and suggestions at sleepconcierge@josephinehome.co.uk or call +44 (0)1635 200 800

Thank you!