How should I care for my bed linen?

For generations, laundering, whitening and (as it finally wore out) darning bed linen were rituals for those lucky enough to own white fine linen.

Today, a few simple rules will ensure you get the best out of your bed linen:

  1. Wash at the lowest temperature (40-60 degrees) without filling the drum too tightly as water must be able to circulate to ensure a thorough wash. Soft water also makes an enormous difference to the feel of your linen over time, so it is really worth investing in a water softener.
  2. Always iron sheets while they are still just slightly damp for an easy glide and a perfect finish.
  3. Finally, store well away from any dust - ideally in a separate linen cupboard, or drawer, perhaps adding a relaxing scent like lavender to add to the experience of gliding into freshly pressed linen.

The result will be long lasting, crisply ironed, freshly scented linen, which will make it a treat to get into bed every night. Given that we spend up to a third of our lives in bed, it just has to be worth it.



How do I care for my towels?

Four simple rules will ensure they stay in mint condition for as long as possible:

  1. Ideally pre-wash on cold before your first use to soften the fibres (it will get rid of the dressing which needs to coat the yarn before the towels can be woven).
  2. Afterwards, simply wash them with whites only at 40-60 degrees to keep them pristine, white and fresh. (You may wash them at higher temperatures when a deep clean is exceptionally required).
  3. Tumble drying will give you a fluffy ‘marshmallowy’ finish (but if you are lucky enough to be able to air dry them outside on a line, this will give them the irreplaceable smell of fresh air with the slightly rougher finish of old fashioned towels).
  4. Never, ever, use fabric conditioner on towels, bathmats or bathrobes (as it will coat the fibres and damage them overtime, whilst reducing the absorbency of towels & bathmats. What is not to love about having to use less products?)