Discover the French Tail on our Duvet Covers

Discover the French Tail on our Duvet Covers

So what is a French Tail?

Sometimes also called a Fishtail, it’s the opening at the bottom end of a duvet cover. Instead of the base of the duvet cover being a straight line of fabric with an opening often closed by a zip, buttons or poppers, the French Tail is an extra bit of material in the shape of a wide bottleneck that not only allows you to put the duvet inside of the cover, but it then tucks underneath the mattress.  

This extra piece of material is hidden underneath the mattress, creating a sleek hotel finish to your bed. Not only does it look fantastic, it keeps your duvet firmly in place, so no need to worry about getting cold in the night when the duvet falls off the bed, or if you share your bed with a duvet thief.

And forget about rusty zips and poppers, or chipped buttons with loose thread that will deteriorate over time. Remember, our bed linen is guaranteed to last for years in pristine condition.

For more information, head to our Bed Linen Collections page to find out more.

The French Tail is just one of the additions we insist on to ensure our Bed Linen is streets ahead of others. It's all in the detail.

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