Submerge yourself in our Collection of Luxury Bath Sheets, Bath Towels & Accessories.

Our world renowned luxury Bath Linen is made at our Portuguese mill from super soft, extra thick and luxuriously fluffy 600gsm zero twist Egyptian cotton for maximum softness and absorption. 

You won't believe how soft, thick and fluffy these towels are until you have tried them for yourself.

Read more below, and find out why our towels are chosen time and time again over our competitors.

Monogramming available

"Excellent, quick and friendly service. The absolute best towels I have bought in my life and I've purchased many over the years."

Angela L - Sheffield


Monogramming is available across our entire range of bath linen, and as a result our towels have become the perfect 'note' of affection, which will envelop you and your loved ones at the beginning and end of your day.

What does ‘zero twist’ mean?

At London & Avalon, we insist on creating the very best in each category, and our Bath Linen is no exception. We only produce Zero Twist towels, but what does that actually mean?

‘Zero twist’ towels have been made using the superior longer and stronger cotton fibres, allowing us to loop them through the towel base.

Short, inferior fibres need to be ‘twisted’ out from the towel.

This can leave you with a rougher feeling against your skin, and often shedding of the cotton...

  • High Absorption

    Zero Twist provides increased absorption power, because more of the surface area of the cotton is exposed.

  • Fast Drying

    Using longer and more durable cotton fibres that can be looped mean you will feel an exceptional smoothness when drying off, it also means they dry faster.

  • Unbeatable Softness

    Great for those with sensitive skin.

    Our towels do not contain ‘combed’ or ‘ringspun' cotton.