Four great reasons to buy our Luxury Bath Linen

Four great reasons to buy our Luxury Bath Linen

Our beautiful towels have now sold out 4 times in as many months and we have just taken delivery of our new stock! 

Made from a luxurious 600gsm and 100% Egyptian Long Staple Cotton, these towels are Zero Twist. What this tells you is that we use the finest quality cotton to make our towels. Cotton fibres are spun (twisted) into yarn. Typically, yarns are made from short (inferior) fibres that must be twisted to make the yarn. Towels made in this way get a lot harder and less absorbent as a result. 

Zero-twist towels are so called because instead of being twisted, their high-quality cotton fibres are held together with a special wrapping thread, allowing them to be woven without breaking. The thread is removed after weaving, leaving the cotton staple in its natural soft, thick state, and the result is wonderfully plush and absorbent. 

As well as producing the highest quality Terry for all our towels and bathmats, we offer monogramming on all bath towels, bath sheets and pillowcases - with up to 10 characters - you can add that personal touch to your gifts with initials, first names, nicknames, or even a witty line.

Don’t forget that there is free delivery on all UK orders plus all items will be delivered beautifully gift wrapped at no extra cost.

Why send a personalised gift?

Trying to find the right gift for someone you care about is often the most difficult part of Christmas.  You want to find something special, something memorable, something they probably wouldn't go out and buy for themselves - but what do you buy?

Here are four great reasons to choose something personalised:

1) You’ve put thought and effort into it

Nothing says you care more than a gift that you have obviously thought about and considered carefully. Simply personalise with initials or a first name or even use a slogan and make it extra personal.

2) Personalised gifts are treasured

Some gifts are disposable or easily forgotten, but something with that additional personal touch will last forever and be treasured for many years.

3) The perfect present for all ages and genders

There are some people who are much harder to buy for than others. The beauty of a personalised gift is that it suits everyone, from your godchildren, nieces and nephews, friends, and colleagues through to grandparents and siblings.

4) No duplicates

The very worst fear in gift buying, is the fear that someone else will have bought the same thing! It can be the greatest gift in the world, but nobody is likely to want two of them! By personalising a gift, you quite simply make it unique.

Do get in touch if you need any help with your chosen gift or if you simply need inspiration on or on +44(0) 1635 200 800, we will be delighted to help you.

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