No more 1970's velour!

No more 1970's velour!

Whatever you've been doing during the day, whether slaving in front of your screens, dragging the children to yet another party or negotiating the supermarket aisles, what better way to unwind at the end of the day than luxuriating in the bath or under a fierce power shower.

There is nothing worse (possibly other than bad bed linen) than scratchy, cardboard towels that have been in the airing cupboard since the 1970's and will likely take off as much skin as water!

Many people make a huge investment in refurbishing their bathroom, but will then scrimp on the final and most essential element, the bath towels and bath mats. It's these small touches that help to elevate the feel of your beautiful bathroom. You deserve to feel pampered rather than disappointed when you envelop yourself in a thick warm towel.

London & Avalon provides only the very best zero twist 600gsm weight towels to give you the extra fluffiness you need, and our bath mats are made from two layers of our towelling, so you know your toes will sink into a soft warm mat when you eventually get out of that warm shower or bath.

Fun fact - if the cotton is low quality - manufacturers have to ‘twist’ it to make each fibre thicker. We don’t have to twist ours because our cotton is the finest you can find. So always look for zero twist, for maximum fluffiness and absorption.

From face cloths through to all embracing bath sheets, we will ensure that all that 1970's velour will be banished forever!

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