Sustainability: at the core of everything we do

Sustainability: at the core of everything we do

Sustainable from the start

From the outset, we have intended to create products with as little obsolescence as possible. Products you can enjoy and love for much longer (if not for life) so we can all play an active role in safeguarding our planet, and our lives, from the very real threat of climate change.

When I founded London & Avalon (formerly Josephine Home), sustainability was simply at the heart of our brand. My grandmother, Josephine, was a messenger of all good things ‘as they were meant to be’: using natural fibres and going back to traditional processes, honed over the centuries, which together carried a reassuring message of stability, longevity and safety. She taught us: “Take from nature sparingly and she will give back bountifully.”

Sustainability is no longer a choice. Positive change starts with us.

London & Avalon are soon to be awarded the renowned Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark accreditation. We are committed to reaching our accreditation with sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. 

How are we assessed?

To be awarded the Butterfly Mark and be part of the Positive Luxury community, we must go beyond achieving a minimum sustainable business standard that is merely compliant with international law and best practice principles. The assessment process is designed to be a thorough examination of our commitment to sustainability across 5 key areas: governance, social and environmental frameworks, community investment, and innovation.

What is The Butterfly Mark?

The Butterfly Mark is awarded to luxury brands that go beyond this compliance and meet the highest standards of verified innovation, social and environmental performance. It provides transparency on our measurable impact and commitment to sustainability - equipping people to make better and more informed purchasing decisions. 

Where did the Butterfly Mark originate from?

Positive Luxury’s origin lies in the chance meeting of Sir David Attenborough and co-founder Diana Verde Nieto, his inspiring story of the Large Blue Butterfly - which died out in the British Isles in 1979 - and the dedication of the scientist who successfully reintroduced it by unravelling the intricate web of interdependencies necessary for its survival.

What is its Mission?

To shape a sustainable future for luxury by redefining the business model and rebuilding consumer trust.

What is The Vision?

From the supply chain to the end product, we envision a future where the core principles of luxury and sustainability are fully and genuinely symbiotic.

For London & Avalon, 17 years later, we continue to stay true to Josephine’s ethos. It feels good to do good. Thank you for joining us on this journey, as we continually seek new ways to improve our processes, while reducing our impact on our planet’s resources.

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