Tested by the best

Tested by the best

When you buy a performance watch, the brand is at great pains to let you know that it’s been tested to 3000m beneath the waves or that it’s been on the wrist of Tim Peake in space or that Lewis Hamilton drove it at 225 miles an hour. 

In reality, it’s going to be slightly difficult to test if your watch to that level yourself. But it’s always reassuring to know that someone has done the tests.

When it comes to everyday items, how often can you be sure that the quality will be up to your expectations?

Bed linen takes a constant bashing and is really hardworking: you’re in your bed for over 6 hours every day, 365 days a year, often tossing and turning, and although it’s a good idea to replace your bed linen every week with a fresh set, more often than not, your bed linen goes into a 60 degree cycle for an hour, and then out on the line or into the dryer and back on the bed (maybe with a quick iron in between).

So you need to know that your cotton bed linen can take this kind of use!

At London & Avalon, every new batch of our European woven bed linen is independently tested by our Laundry Technology team, to ensure it’s up to our exacting standards. 

If this doesn’t convince you, the fact that the bed linen is on every bed at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London, Paris, Hong Kong and Boston might help. If our linen can withstand the rigours of commercial laundries day in, day out, you can sleep soundly knowing it will last in mint condition for many years to come in your own home. 

We would like to think that, if we were a performance watch, we could be taken down to 3000m and still tell the time perfectly. However, what we can guarantee is you'll experience the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had!

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