Bedroom Trends 2022

Bedroom Trends 2022

Spring has arrived, the clocks will soon be changed to British Summer Time, Covid restrictions have eased and 2022 is well underway. There is very definitely a light at the end of the 'Pandemic Tunnel', and we are all looking ahead to better days with joy and relief!

We have been confined for so long, staring at the same walls, that many of us have wanted to improve the look and feel of our homes and interiors to perhaps accommodate a home office, or a space for home schooling.

Bedrooms have become even more of a sanctuary than ever before. Bedrooms are where we head to at the end of a long day, where we finally switch off mentally and physically and truly separate the ‘home’ from the ‘home office’. Your bedroom is a place of relaxation and security. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the bedroom was the most popular room to decorate in 2021!

Josephine Home Room

So, what are the trends so far this year for Bedroom Interiors? The Interior Design Industry introduces more and more new bedroom interior design trends each year. Here’s what we’re seeing…

  • A move away from minimalist interior schemes: people are becoming more daring with their design choices. Statement wallpaper is on the rise, as are creative wall finishes such as polished plaster and wall panelling. Bold and colourful fabrics are being used to inject personality. Pooky’s Founder, Rohan Blacker, has seen an uplift in sales of either bolder colours, bolder patterns, or an amalgamation of the two. 


  • Headboards become a huge focus: big bold shapes and bright coloured fabrics are more readily available, and the advice is to get the biggest size headboard your room can take. Andrew Martin describes them as pieces of art. They create a focal point to the room and really anchor the interior design scheme. You should allow the bed to dominate, and it should be the first thing you see when you enter the bedroom. Tall statement beds with tufted or fluting detail are a huge trend for 2022, as can be seen at The Headboard Workshop.

The Headboard Workshop

  • A move away from dark charcoals and blues to warmer tones: key colours this year are rich and earthy faded reds and oranges, warm yellows and distinctive greens, but with blues continuing to prove popular for classic, timeless schemes. These warmer colours bring a grounded, but cosy atmosphere while adding a vibrant, luxurious touch. are becoming more mainstream and following in the footsteps of Little Greene and Farrow & Ball.

  • A clash of textures is popular: velvet rugs against rich wooden floors add extra character. Statement chairs or benches at the end of the bed are also a way of adding extra personality.

  • Floral and nature-inspired prints are making a comeback: they bring the outdoors inside. During lockdown, people sought nature as often as they could, and they now want to incorporate elements of it indoors as well. Statement walls with a floral or botanical paper are very popular and work well in modern, country or classic schemes. Watch out for nostalgia inspired florals in wall papers. Soane Britain’s ‘Cloister Garden’ wallpaper is a charming example of it. 

Soane Cloister

  • Bespoke elements that reflect a personality and serve a purpose remain popular: judicious storage which clears the clutter (and therefore our minds) are on the increase. Items chosen by an individual that are smart and well considered and not just bought off the shelf, such as bespoke bedside tables and fitted wardrobes with specific storage requirements are becoming more popular this year.

  • And of course, bedding. People are investing in quality bedding and mattresses. The bed is clearly the most important element of any bedroom. You spend half of your life in bed, so it’s important to invest in both your bed and bedding, to ensure the best possible sleep, the most comfortable, delicious slumber...

We always warn our clients against falling into the trap of high thread count. So, let’s bust this myth! A high thread count in itself does not mean much because many brands will in fact be using short and low quality threads and twisting them together to give the appearance of weight to push up the thread count artificially. What tends to happen is that as soon as you sleep on the linen, it gets rubbed naturally and leads to pilling - i.e., lots of little bobbles on the fabric which make the linen very uncomfortable to sleep in.

You are much better off choosing a lower thread count woven with a better, finer and longer yarn. Ideally, linen should be woven with one single fine yarn. The highest thread count you will find using single, long fibre staples is generally 300.

It won’t surprise you to know that all of our Bed linen is made using 100% Egyptian, Giza or Mako Cotton - all qualities which offer the longest and finest cotton staples plus all our linen is either GOTS (Global Organic Standards) or OEKO TEX (Sustainability standards) certified, guaranteeing the highest standards of production.

Our 300-thread count percale bed linen from the Island Collection is a 300-thread count percale woven to our exact specification for maximum lightness and softness through the washes, a perfect combination of luxury and resistance which is why it is chosen by luxury Hotel groups all over the world. If you love a cool but cosy bed, this is the one for you.

For a silkier feel with a luxurious sheen, choose our Sateen Weave Heritage Collection. With a true 500 thread count, this fabric is so soft and silky, we must warn you that getting out of bed will be harder and that your guests will only leave reluctantly!

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If you would like to receive a free sample of our linen fabrics, simply email us at with your details and you will be able to feel the London and Avalon difference for yourself!

Happy slumber!

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