Finding Inspiration on a Wet January Walk

Finding Inspiration on a Wet January Walk

It's a cold and drizzly Saturday morning and our 10 year old Hungarian Vizsla, Smudge, has never quite grasped the concept of staying indoors to avoid the rain. Nothing comes between him and his opportunity to sniff anything and everything in the woods outside our house. 

There's something about the dull grey drizzly light that really makes the fluorescent green of the moss and lichen stand out. Once you spot it, you realise there are various shades of green everywhere you look. From the squidgy moss to the fresh green grass to the bracken and the brambles not yet turned brown. Even on a wet January day we are rewarded with colourful gems like these.

Fluorescent green lichen

If you've ever wondered where we get our inspiration from, look no further. Our founder, Stephanie, is a huge ambassador for all things Mother Nature and is a firm believer that if you take sparingly, she will reward you in abundance. So this lichen has gone off to our mill to be dye matched for a new speculative trim colour and cashmere throw. Contrasted against a bright white pillowcase or duvet cover, it could be stunning.

Remember, we don't just have our 'standard' trim colours available to buy - we have an entire shade card of pre chosen colours to take your breath away, and we can also dye match you a ribbon trim from absolutely anything - a fabric swatch, a piece of art in your room, or something from the beautiful outdoors. It's entirely up to you!

Check out our luxuriously decadent Bed Linen Collections here to first decide which fabric is for you, then call us on 020 7751 0100 or email our Bespoke team at

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