Great British Brands - a lesson in making things beautifully

Great British Brands - a lesson in making things beautifully

While the media fills us with nothing but doom and gloom, and with news of escalating interest rates, inflation and the cost of living crisis - here at London & Avalon, like so many small and mid-size British companies - we are hunkering down to ride out the wave by continuing to produce beautifully-made, sustainable and long lasting pieces to book end your day with some joy!

Sustainability has always been at the core of our ethos - we only make what we need. Take from Mother Nature sparingly, and she will reward you bountifully. Never more so than now has this been true. We only work with small artisan craftsmen, in the UK and Europe, who put their heart and soul into their trades, all year round. We firmly believe it's one of the reasons we were named one of Walpole's Brands of Tomorrow. 

I was at our warehouse on Tuesday, checking our latest order to be shipped to Hong Kong - yes, an order that is actually being exported to the Far East.

The care, craftsmanship and quality that so many British companies like us strive to excel at was evident in a bespoke bed linen design, being made for a regular client for one of their homes in Hong Kong. This client has been with us for over 15 years, and comes back to us regularly for their bed linen and towels. We are so proud of relationships like these that have been built over the years, in a world of 'fast fixes'. It's reassuring to know that quality is still something that's appreciated.

Aside from the political and economic turmoil the world is experiencing, we should all take pride that we are still here, continuing to produce beautifully made items in the UK and Europe, for customers both at home and abroad.

So, take heart - to actually exist at the moment is to succeed. Take pride - as we produce genuine products and provide jobs for genuine people. Take hope - that good can overcome evil and the vulnerable are given the help they so need and that good, long standing businesses can be helped through the most difficult economic times in living memory, to continue to do what they have always done - which is to make things, beautifully.

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