2022 Pancake day recipe to enjoy from your bed

2022 Pancake day recipe to enjoy from your bed

Our Director Stephanie has shared her secret pancake recipe with you in time for Shrove Tuesday. 

This recipe originally comes from her mother's French cookbook, and of course Stephanie has added her own twist to it.

Josephine Home Cookbook

Josephine Home Cookbook

To have a pile of delicious crepe style pancakes all you need is 350g of flour, 750ml of milk, 2 medium eggs and a pinch of salt.

BUT... don't just put it all in a bowl and whisk! There's a magic touch. Pop in the flour first, then the eggs, and slowly pour in the milk as you whisk. This will make them extra fluffy.

A secret ingredient is beer! It makes the batter lighter and keeps the mixture light and fluffy for a few days.

Josephine Home Pancake Day

"I add vanilla... and a bit of brown sugar so they can be eaten plain, and then add the toppings, lemon & sugar, maple syrup, chocolate sauce etc!" says Stephanie.

Now for the top tip! If you accidentally drip some maple syrup on your linen, don't panic! Simply scrape off excess maple syrup (with a clean knife, not the used). Mix one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with two cups of warm water. Using a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with the detergent solution. Blot until the liquid is absorbed. Repeat until the stain disappears. If it doesn't disappear, simply call us or email Sleep Concierge and we'll see if we can help. 

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