Keeping warm in Wimbledon Fortnight

Keeping warm in Wimbledon Fortnight

The Great British Season is upon us and the sound of tennis balls being thwacked against racquet strings in SW19 with cheers of "come on Andy" are all around us. We seem to have a lot more British players in the competition this year, which is great to see. We just need the rain to go away now, as a return of summer would be very welcome!

We were reminded of some bespoke cashmere throws we created for Wimbledon fortnight a few years ago in the traditional green and purple, so we've dug one out and it still looks just as fabulous now. 

We can create throws in a myriad of colours, and have done so for individuals, interior designers and corporate clients for 17 years now. We still use the same artisan craftspeople in Great Britain who have passed their skill down from generation to generation, ensuring every detail is thought through and finished by hand. It means that your throw will last for many years to come....maybe until we see another British Wimbledon champion :)

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