London and Avalon luxury and exclusive Portuguese made Bed Linen

What makes London & Avalon Bed Linen so special?

For many brands, 100% Egyptian cotton, traditionally the finest cotton in the world, is the staple component of good bed linen.

What makes London & Avalon bed linen so special however, is not only that we use this finest Egyptian (long staple) cotton, but that we have chosen the finest mills in Europe to produce it and refined our exact and exclusive specifications.

Provenance is key. Often, the mills we use have been in their fifth and even sixth generation of the same family.  This heritage means that the attention to detail is paramount. Whether it is the finishing that gives a silky sheen to our Heritage Collection and the light coolness to our Island Collection, or the French tail on our duvet covers (one of our distinctive features which means you don't have to button the bottom of your duvet cover), we always use the very best in class at each process. 

Thread count is important, but we believe a better-quality yarn, created by individual long staples from the finest cotton, is better than a higher thread count using lower quality short and twisted yarns.  The last thing you want to feel when you go to bed is that bobbling feeling on your bottom sheet! Thread count is often a marketing myth people!!!

It's like most things in life - but we do stand by our product and our values - you really do get what you pay for!

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