What's your favourite Bedscape?

What's your favourite Bedscape?

Firstly - what is a Bedscape? Well, it's the way you arrange your pillows, duvet, blankets and cushions to create a look that you love!

Over the years, we’ve worked with many Interior Designers, and we always find it fascinating that everyone has their own favourite way of dressing a bed. It usually starts with the pillows. A combination of square and rectangular shaped pillows, in different formations - much like a football team! 3 squares at the back, with 2 rows of 2 rectangular pillows at the front, followed by decorative cushions and bolsters that come with a million different formations of their own! 

Sometimes the square cushions are placed to stand proudly in the front row, taking centre stage, with the rectangular sleeping pillows relegated to the back rows. But then do you lie those sleeping pillows flat or stand them up like soldiers? So many choices. 

Trends come and go, and of course, each space is designed individually by our fabulous clients, as it should be. You’ll see the iconic Soho House formation of 3 square pillows at the back and 2 rows of rectangular pillows at the front in almost every Soho House bedroom around the world, first designed by Vicky Charles who continues this formation in her designs today. 

In most cases, it will depend on the space you have. For Super King Beds and upwards (180cm wide and up), we recommend using King Pillows with a width of 90cm each, so you don’t have small pillows floating in the middle of your bed. It sets a smart tone to have them reaching to the very edges of the mattress. Super Kings, Emperors and Caesars allow you to house 3 square pillows at the back comfortably, creating a back wall of comfort for you to lean up against whilst reading or watching TV. 

For Kings and Doubles, we suggest opting for standard size rectangular sleeping pillows with a width of 75cm, and sticking to just 2 square pillows if you’re having them.

It gives the design room to breathe. Because don’t forget, you haven’t even started on the decorative cushions or throws yet. Head to Jojo Barr’s House Nine Design (@houseninedesign) Instagram highlights, titled “Cushion Tips” to learn all there is to know about different cushion formations, designs, colours, sizes and textures. It’s addictive!

Here at London & Avalon, we have a Filled and Bed Linen product for every eventuality. We can make pillowcases in any size or colour, to fit any pillow you have, with or without a border. Our pillows are made in a number of different fills, to suit all preferences and budgets. For anything outside of the standard UK sizes or if you'd like something you don't see on the website, email our Bespoke sales team here.

Top Tip: Always wash your bed linen before using it for the first time. Not only does it wash away any residue from the necessary cotton ‘finishing’process, but it will also ensure your pillowcases fit the pillows properly. All of our Bed Linen is cut generously to allow for the natural cotton shrinkage that occurs after the first wash. So to ensure your pillowcases are full to bursting and plumped up, give the linen a wash first!

As ever, we’d love to see photos of your own Bedscapes, so do send them to us, so do tag us on Instagram or email them to us at sleepconcierge@londonandavalon.co.uk

Happy Bedscaping!

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